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Dewy by Nature - your Skincare Lab



Freelance skincare fomulating and consulting  service


Dewy by Nature

Do you want to jumpstart your natural cosmetic brand but can't handle all the formulations yourself? Already launched a brand but need some fresh product ideas? You have a product in mind but somehow can't get the formulation right?

Dewy by Nature is a certified cosmetic formulating and consulting service that creates effective natural and organic skincare products customized to your requirements.


I provide scalable formulations for your batch size with INCIs and manufacturing method. If needed, I can help solve problems with a current formula, provide follow-up assistance or assist you with other tasks like research, calculations, proper labelling or sourcing of raw materials.


I am Nico, born and bred in Switzerland and living in East Asia for the last decade. My professional journey led me from journalism to corporate settings to the fashion industry and ultimately to Cosmetics science. I have graduated from Formula Botanica and hold an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science, a Certificate in Anti-aging Skincare and Natural Skincare Preservation.


As I have always preferred the research and formulation aspects of skincare development to the manufacturing process itself, I have committed myself to formulating Natural Skincare products for Indie brands. I deliver effective skincare formulations customized to your visions and specifications using natural plant-based and nature-identical ingredients.

Let's work together

Use the product-questionnaire, chat with me or drop me a line via Email.

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